About Us

Generations Incorporated is the Community Development Corporation established in June of 1996 by David G. Evans, Chief Executive/Operating Officer. Under the executive leadership of Bishop David G. Evans, Generations Inc. has an established history of providing socially conscience and community centered social services to the residents in and surrounding Camden County, New Jersey. Currently, Generations Incorporated is the umbrella for three for profit corporations, three limited liability corporations, and seven direct service programs.

Generations, Inc is a locally based nonprofit organization that focuses on serving people across America through a wide variety of services. We chose “Generations, Inc.” as our name to show that we desire to meet the needs of people of every age and at every stage of life.

At Generations, Inc., we help you with issues such as housing needs, education, domestic abuse, substance abuse, family support, and youth development. Typically, we serve families, children, youth, and senior citizens, but we welcome all inquiries from those in need. Funding for all of our programs comes from federal, state, and private sources.


David G. Evans
Chairman of the Board

Katherine Wade-Battle
Vice Chair

Kelly D Mobley
Board Secretary

Jane-Ellen Miller
Board Member

Duane Myers
Board Member

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